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kiran josan Grade: 11
        what is hyperconjugation effect? how it explain the stability of alkenes
7 years ago

Answers : (6)

Durgesh Prasher
21 Points

1242_25758_double bond.jpeg

7 years ago
vikas askiitian expert
510 Points

When atoms / groups having lone pair of electrons are bonded by a single bond to the conjugated system, they displace electrons towards multiple bonds.

illustration of hyperconjugation with single bond
  • When electronegative atoms or group of atoms bond themselves to the conjugated systems by multiple bonding they pull electrons from the multiple bond.
  • illustration of hyperconjugation with multiple bond

This conjugation between electrons of single (H-C) bond with multiple bonds is called hyperconjugation. This occurs when the sigma (s) electrons of the H-C bond that is attached to an unsaturated system, such as double bond or a benzene ring, enter into conjugation with the unsaturated system.

Stability order of alkenes

7 years ago
11 Points
										If sigma electrons containing acidic H are present at alternate position with πelectron system, then sigma electrons enter into conjugation with π electron system
one year ago
pragati dound
21 Points
										Hyperconjugation means transfer of the sigma electron which are there in between C-H bond to the next carbon which is attached to alfa carbonMore the  number of alfa hydrogenAnd then more the number of hyperconjugation structure which leads to stability.
one year ago
Ram kumar
11 Points
										In a system having double, triple, bonds the ¶(sigma bond) is least contributing to the stability of compound since it is not fulfilling the basic cond. of resonance therefore ¶ bond b/w (C-H) is considered as evil and is pressurized by other bonds hence H of -(CH) is sent outside but within the electrostatic range of C ( * bond b/w C-H is not broken since b.e greater than reso_ energy that will lead to instability.) So( -)ve  charge comes on C atom which shares it to pure p orbital of other C atom )and makes π bond , now all members of compound are happy & shows max stabily leading to Hyper conjugation . H atom which goes outside is called alpha H more the no of H atoms which goes outside more is hyperconjugation.
3 months ago
Shohan Ahmed
13 Points
										In hyperconguhative effect first need a double bond between c atom (c=c). Besides * carbon called alpha carbon who realise a hydrogen ion than the election made a double bond between alpha and * carbon .And than the other double bond election go through the beside the * carbon hade.
one month ago
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