how to know which one is stronger scid n stronger base

how to know which one is stronger scid n stronger base


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The strength of acids and bases are dependent on their ionization constant (Ka and Kb, respectively) values.

1. Assuming all three have the same concentrations,

Reason: HCl is a strong acid. It is a 'given' (usually, strong acids have the formula HX, where X is a halogen). CH3COOH has a Ka value of 1.8x10^-5 while H2CO3 has a Ka value of 4.2x10^-7. The higher the Ka or Kb, the stronger it is.

2. Assuming both have the same concentrations,
OH- is a stronger base. Again, this is sort of a 'given'. Or another way to approach this problem is that NH3 has a Kb value of 1.8x10^-5.

NH4+ is a stronger acid. Remember this, "the conjugate acid of a weaker base is a stronger acid". Since NH4+ is the conjugate acid (has one H+ or one proton extra) of NH3, it is stronger than H2O, the conjugate acid of water.


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