How we will find the Order of dehydration,hydrolysis if more than one compounds are given

How we will find the Order of dehydration,hydrolysis if more than one compounds are given


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AskiitianExpert Shine
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13 years ago


The Order of reaction , in chemical kinetics, with respect to a certain reactant, is defined as the power to which its concentration term in the rate equation is raised .

For example, given a chemical reaction 2A + B → C with a rate equation

r = k[A]2[B]1

the reaction order with respect to A would be 2 and with respect to B would be 1, the total reaction order would be 2+1=3. It is not necessary that the order of a reaction be a whole number - zero and fractional values of order are possible - but they tend to be integers. Reaction orders can be determined only by experiment. Their knowledge allows conclusions about the reaction mechanism.

The reaction order is not necessarily related to the stoichiometry of the reaction, unless the reaction is elementary. Complex reactions may or may not have reaction orders equal to their stoichiometric coefficients.


Therefore if more than one compounds are present , u need to know the rxn mechanism and the experimental data for each elementary rxn, then u can determine the order. For further details please follow the link. .

prashant kumar
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13 years ago

By comparing the stablity of intermediate in the RDS , which here is carbocation formed after removal of water molecule from alcohol . For that u must know know concept of inductive effect, hyperconjugation and resonance.                                                                 

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