Which of the two compounds listed will give a faster SN 2 reaction with OH - and why? a)CH 2 =CHBr b)CH 2 =CH-CH 2 Br

Which of the two compounds listed will give a faster SN2 reaction with OH- and why?




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12 years ago

Dear student,

SN2 reaction depends on carbocation stabilty and hence compund b) shows SN2 reaction with OH-...

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12 years ago

SN1 reaction of a) will give carbocation which is unstable because +ve charge is at doubly bonded carbon...

but SN1 reaction of b) will give carbocation which is stable due to resonance ....

therefore a) will give SN2 faster & b) will give SN1 faster.......

Priya Gorakshnath Anandkar
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12 years ago

hi Aparna ,

                  my ans is a);bcoz sn2 mechanism follows pri &sec alkylhalides & it is favoured bysmall group on the carbon atom attached to halogen . if my ans is wrong then plz tell me the correct ans . Kiss thanks dear !!!!!!!!! i will wait ..........

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