how to name compounds using entizezzen and zussamen

how to name compounds using entizezzen and zussamen


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aansi jomi
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12 years ago

E means entgegen(opposite) and Z means zusammen(together)...these are german words assigned  to distinguish alkenes based on priority of substituents on both sides of the double bonds......priority is again based on atomic numbers.....e.g.

            E/Z-example                 priorities

                     E                                         Z

1 indicates high priority and 2 indicates low the first molecule clearly shows that the priorities are directed opposite to each other hence assigned as E....and likewise Z for the second molecule.....(the priority is that carbon has higher atomic number than hydrogen)


Isotopes: H vs D ? Since isotopes have identical atomic numbers, the mass number is used to discriminate them so D > H

Priya Gorakshnath Anandkar
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12 years ago

hi  pranay

              E-is isomer which has higher mol.wt; groups on the opposite sides.   ex;

 here the1st is an ex, of z conformation & 2nd is E . if u like the ans plz approved it.

Souradeep Majumder
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12 years ago

first give them prefference according to their atomic weight  and then lone pair..................  if same number are diagonal then e if  same number lie in  same side then they are z...............


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pranay -askiitians expert
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12 years ago

thankx very very much

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