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what is the modern interpretation of baeyer strain theory in refrence to cyclohexane?

what is the modern interpretation of baeyer strain theory in refrence to cyclohexane?

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1 Answers

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10 years ago

Dear chanda,

If the carbons of a cyclohexane ring were placed at the corners of a regular planar hexagon, all the C-C-C bond angles would have to be 120". Because the expected normal C-C-C bond angle should be near the tetrahedral value
of 109.5", the suggested planar configuration of cyclohexane would have angle strain at each of the carbons, and would correspond to less stable cyclohexane molecules than those with more normal bond angles. The actual normal
value for the C-C-C bond angle of an open-chain -CH2-CH,-CH2- unit appears to be about 1 12.5", which is 3 " greater than the tetrahedral value. From this we can conclude that the angle strain at each carbon of a planar
cyclohexane would be (120" - 112.5") = 7.5". Angle strain is not the whole story with regard to the instability of the planar form, because in addition to having C-C-C bond angles different from their normal values, the planar structure also has its carbons and hydrogens in the unfavorable eclipsed arrangement.


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