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q)which is more basic aniline or ortho methoxy benzene?is there ortho effect?

q)which is more basic aniline or ortho methoxy benzene?is there ortho effect?


1 Answers

Askiitians_Expert Yagyadutt
askIITians Faculty 74 Points
10 years ago

Hello dear somesh



Ortho effect is only shown by two compound Benzoic acid or ANILINE


But in case of solving problem like comparing acidic and basic strength ..we consider this effect only when all compound are either aniline or benzoic ..

Example : (if u r unable to understand above lines )


A   ( ortho-methyl aniline )

B  ( para methyle aniline )

C ( meta methyl aniline)


Then all compound are aniline ortho effect is to be considered ...and


A ( ortho methyl aninline )

B ( methyl benzene)


Here two compound become we don't consider ortho effect here.....when the two compound which are considered as ....are aniline..then only look for ortho effect ..


This is so far detail of ortho as per question


Basic strength of  Aniline is more than that of ortho methoxy benzene  because aniline as N as donar atom (lone pair) and methoxy has O as donar atom...and tendency to donate electron is more for N than for O electron density in aniline will be more as compared to ortho methoxy benzene.....


So aniline is more basic in nature


I hope it is clear now ..both ortho effect n aniline


With regard



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