Q)what is the difference btwn intermediate and resonating str?

Q)what is the difference btwn intermediate and resonating str?


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Dear somesh,

All the C-C bonds in the resonance hybrid structure are intermediates of single and double bonds and the bond lengths are equal.

  • The resonance hybrid has lower energy and thus greater stability than any of the contributing structures.
  • Greater the resonance energy, greater is the stability of the molecule.
  • Concept of resonance is theoretical.

The contributing structures should:

  • Have the same atomic positions.
  • Posses the same number of unpaired electrons.
  • Have nearly the same energy.
  • Written in a way that negative charge is present on an electronegative atom and positive charge is present on an electropositive atom.
  • Not place the like charges on adjacent atoms.

The resonance structures of a few more molecules and ions are given below:

NO-3 ion: The three possible resonance structures for the nitrate ion (NO-3) are

 three possible resonance structures for the nitrate ion

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All the best.

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11 years ago

intermediate is formed during the reaction,it is the part which is responsible for the formation of product in the course of reaction.....

resonating structures are imaginary stuctures which indivisually connot explain the properties of molecule....a resonace hibrid which is hibrid of all resonating structures is the real structure of that molecule..

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