Hi guys Can you please explain how alkynes bond? Thank you

Hi guys

Can you please explain how alkynes bond?

Thank you


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Dear rahul,

The carbon-carbon triple bond is  made up of one strong bond and two weaker (bonds; it has a total strength 123 kcal. It is stronger than the carbon-carbon double bond of ethylene 100 kcal or the single carbon-carbon bond of ethane 83 kcal, and therefore is shorter than either.

The C-C distance is 1.2 A, as compared with 1.34 A in ethylene and 1.54 A in ethane and is a more electronegative grouping than that formed by carbon atoms joined by either a double or a single bond.

The hydrogen attached to the carbon-carbon triple bond in ethyne or in any alkyne where the carbon-carbon triple bond is situated at the end of a carbon chain is able to separate from the rest of the molecule as a hydrogen ion; the electronegative carbon is able to retain both electrons from the broken covalent bond.

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