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Abhishek Sharma Grade: 12
        How to find the acidic strength of organic compounds?
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Dr.T.Augustine Arul Prasad
14 Points

The acidity of an orgaanic compound can be determined by firs predicting the nature of organi compound.

For organic acids,the presence of an electronegative element in the alpha carbon atom increases the acid strength.

that is the reason why chloroacetic acid is more acidic than acetic acid.

The acidity can also be determined with respect to unsaturated systems.The hydrogen attached to a carbon with a tripple bond is considered to be more acidic than a hydrogen attached to a carbon with a double bond.For this reason your acetylinic hydrogen is more acidic than ethylinic hydrogen and the reason is the same electronegativity of the carbon.

7 years ago
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