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Grade: 12
01)How to convert 1 propanol into 1-chloro1-propanol
And02) how to convert 1 butyne into 2 butyne
03)Hiw to convert acetylene into acetone
04)How to convert copper acetylide into propyne
7 months ago

Answers : (2)

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First propan-1-ol is undergone dehydration using Alcholic KOH.. then the Alkene formed is subjected to Hypocholorous acid.... resulting in formation of 1 chloro 1 propanol.
Please ask only one question in one thread.
7 months ago
Vikas TU
11685 Points
Dear student 
Here s ans for question no – 2 
This Conversion requires 2 steps. The name of the reaction is Oxymercuration Reaction.
In this reaction an Alkyne is treated with Mercury (generally HgSO4 ) and Water, in presence of an Aqueous Acid like H2SO4 .
This results in the formation of Geminal Diol, which is unstable thus rapidly undergoes Tautomerization to form Ketone.
7 months ago
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