what topics are to be cover to clear the cutoff marks in JEEADV

what topics are to be cover to clear the cutoff marks in JEEADV


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7 years ago
Topics of Jee advance which are most important
For physics:
  1. Mechanics
  2. Modern physics
  3. Optics
  1. Physical chemistry
  2. General organic chemistry
For maths
  1. Trignometry
  2. Co ordinate geometry
  3. Integrals and its applications
  4. vecotors
There are the most important topics that you should do first and then move to other if time allows
gurram varun
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7 years ago
First of all go with the topics which you have grip so that if you find any application from those chapters you can answer them easily. Don’t try to read the new books to enhance your knowledge because it may delete the past history of your mind. Be cool and don’ worry much about JEE ADVANCED. Try to eliminate stress from your mind and learn everything freely. Ask more and more doubts to clear the concepts.
The above steps are the first chapters which you have to revise first.
To clear cutoff learn the chapters like
Modern Physics
Electricity and Magnetism  in Physics
In chemistry go through the organic chemistry(general) 
Inorganic chemistry 
Physical Chemistry
In Mathematics
Go for trigonometry, coordinate geometry, and calculus part

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