What is best for today`s modern worldHCV OR DC PANDEY

What is best for today`s modern worldHCV OR DC PANDEY


3 Answers

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4 years ago
For a clear concept, HC Verma is must and best.DC pandey is good but hc Verma is most preferable if you are able to read between the lines.
Darsh patel
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4 years ago
Brother,as for my analysis, take HC Verma for strengthening your concepts and making your concept clear by solving conceptual problems while for different varieties of problems and advanced level question I suggest you to buy a single book of new pattern physics by DC pandey which contains a very good quality questions and hence you will excel in problems in physics ,so take both hcv and new pattern physics....Beat of luck for your preparation..plzzz approve my answer
akash dutta
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4 years ago
If you are just starting you should start with dc pandey and then for deep knowledge you should go for hc verma

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