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sir,which are the most scoring topics for jee mains in phy,chem, and maths.

sir,which are the most scoring topics for jee mains in phy,chem, and maths.

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

saiteja Karingu
33 Points
3 years ago
The Most Scoring topics usually come from class 12 cbse syllabus. Please check the following topics to attain good score in Jee main.
1). PHYSICS :  Electricity & Magnetism part 
                          Optics ( 2-3 questions expected )
                          Modern physics part 
2). CHEMISTRY :  Read inorganic ncert you can score 10 questions . Some times questions are directly picked from cert . In inorganic concentrate on orders of physical & chemical properties & exceptions for s bloc and 13 , 14 , 15 , 15 groups . Concentrate on chemical reactions in class 12 syllabus.
Concentrate  organic chemistry chapters of 12 th class especially .
be though with ncert we th physical choy.
Mathematics go though Algebra topics and calculus they comprises more 50% math 
Aniruddha Adhikari
13 Points
3 years ago
Ithink its matrices and  detrminants and in physics its the dimensional analysis of any physical quantities .
We can expect some score fromthese parts
29 Points
3 years ago
For physics its modern physics and optics For matha its conic section (co ordinate geometry) For chemistry its inorganic

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