sir, what would be the scoring topics in physics and chemistry .

sir, what would be the scoring topics in physics and chemistry .


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Harishwar IIT Roorkee
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8 years ago

Current Electricity – A thorough idea of Kirchoff’s law will help you solve related problems easily. Practice the problems carefully for a good score. The more you practice, the more are your chances to master the topic and score relatively good.
Simple Harmonic Motion – Yet another important topic, Simple Harmonic Motion should be revised thoroughly for an excellent score in the exam.
Kinematics – If we go with the past records, generally easy questions are asked from this topic. All you need to do is keep the definitions in mind. Mostly, the questions revolve around definitions. So, read, understand and revise the definition regularly.
Radioactive Decay – The Radioactive Decay formula will be the most essential and helpful tool to solve nearly every problem from Physics. So, make a note of this formula in your mind.
Newton’s Law of Motion – Solving all problems of this chapter will be easy, if you know how to draw a free body diagram. Therefore, practice this diagram as much as you can before the exam.
First Law of Thermodynamics –In order to solve the numerical and theoretical questions correctly, you should know the statement of energy conservation thoroughly.


Chemical Kinetics – In this topic, First Order Reactions are important and generally asked in JEE. First Order Reactions is easy if you know the basic definitions.
Ores and Metallurgy – From Ores and Metallurgy, you can expect standard questions. This is easy to revise and therefore simple to score. Therefore, it is termed as a scoring subject.
Alkyl Halides – In this topic, you can expect simple questions based on reactivity/type of reactions. These questions are easy to crack, therefore simple to score in JEE Advanced 2014.

Chemical Equilibrium – Knowing the basic equation of equilibrium along with expertise in solving ideal gas equation problem will certainly help you score good marks in the exam.
Coordination Compounds - In this chapter, isomerism is the simple-to-score topic. Regular practice can help you score 100% in this topic.
Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions of Benzene – Standard reactions are the most important topic from this chapter. Every year, direct questions from this topic are asked. This year too we can expect this question
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Drovan Reddy
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7 years ago
In physics the the scoring topics are Newton’s laws of motion,friction,units and dimensions.In chemistry the scoring topics are chemical equilibrium,stoichiometry,atomic structure etc.

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