Scoring topics r\for advance jee 2018

Scoring topics r\for advance jee 2018

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Anish Singhal
askIITians Faculty 1192 Points
6 years ago
In Maths : Algebra & coordinate geometry
115 Points
6 years ago
Hello friend . In mathematics you can focus on 3D, Matrices and Determinents, Calculus.. In physics Focus on ELectromagnetism, Optics and Modern Physics. In chemistry, if you have learnt inorganic that too good as there are almost direct ques from it.. Aldehyde and ketones should be focused more in organic..
akash dutta
109 Points
5 years ago
I think chemistry is the most scoring topic in jee because it takes a much lesser time than any of the other topics and during the prep it also takes less time comparatively

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