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please answer fast... i am not getting correct answer

please answer fast... i am not getting correct answer

Question Image
Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

226 Points
3 years ago
Can you please repost the question...I will be happy to help you....Question is not clearly visible ...
Sujan Chegu
38 Points
3 years ago
By impulse momentum threom, dP=d(MV). Here, since the mass is a constant, it can be taken out of the differential. Remember that V stands for velocity and not for speed. Since the velocity is changing by an angle say ∆, the impulse received by the batsman is along the normal line which is at an angle ∆/2 with the initial and the final velocity vectors. Therefore the impulse is given by 2MV cos[∆/2]. The multiplication of the number 2 in the answer signifies that the ball is hitting the Batsman and as a consequence of reflection, the cisine

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