In what way I have to study to remember all the mechanism and reactions of organic chemistry?

In what way I have to study to remember all the mechanism and reactions of organic chemistry? 


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Saurabh Koranglekar
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4 years ago
Dear student

At first, Understand all of them thoroghly then make short notes and keep them revising till the exam

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4 years ago

So simple*FOLLOW THE 1,3,5,7,14,28,40 RULE*
First of all, you should not actually memorize a reaction but understand it.
If you have problem in understanding it I have a solution to memorize them.
Just make a list a reactions you need to memorize.
Revise and rewrite those reaction after 1 day.
Now revise reactions after 3days, then revise again after 5 days, 7 days so on.....

Vikas TU
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4 years ago
Don't worry. Keep calm
There is still a way to score good marks in organic .
As u might be knowing ur organic  paper will consist of namely
Name reactions
Distinguish between
word problems
First step to get a decent score now  is to learn important name reactions (for class 12th syllabus there will be hardly 30 imp. Name reactions )
Then after learning them thoroughly download conversion maps from internet .
Try to learn simple conversions, try to understand those conversion maps .
If u can't just give it 20 min daily .
You will memorise it.
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4 years ago
dont be so panic try to first just learn all reaction just cream them and then take help from coaching notes you should try resonance coaching sheets to learn

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