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iam having problem in improving maths . ow to improve my scores in maths

iam having problem in improving maths . ow to improve my scores in maths


4 Answers

25763 Points
2 years ago
Dear student
Practice is the only key here in Maths.
Also if you are going to take Advanced in coming month then I would suggest to solve previousyear Question and learn the cocepts
21 Points
2 years ago
Listen buddy I am suggesting a book Amit.M Aggarwal ans S.K Goyal plz if u can do it all including examples then it's my guarantee that u will score 250+ of 360
Avni Sharma
24 Points
one year ago
Hi friend i think you should start solving previous year jee question papers. This will help you to understand maths like a genius, I am also doing the same these days.... 
Arishi Chauhan
16 Points
one year ago
You need to make a separate note of easy, difficult and medium topics. Also make a habit of revising as and when you complete one topic. For more handy tricks to deal with Maths, you can give a read to this blog for some nice tricks:

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