I am weak in physics what should I do for getting seat in nit wgl cs

I am weak in physics what should I do for getting seat in nit wgl cs


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5 years ago
Practise basic chapters first and then go to high level chapters learn formulas perfectlyWith just about a week left for JEE Main, 2017 - it`s imperative to optimize your time & approach before the big exam.The country`s largest engineering entrance exam, the JEE Main is scheduled on the 2nd of April, 2017 in offline mode i.e in paper & pencil format, whereas the online mode will be held on 8th & 9th April, 2017. Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting this exam across India.More than 12 lakh students will be competing to secure a seat in their dream engineering college. Top 2.2 Lakhs students will qualify for JEE Advanced which is conducted by the Joint Admission Board of the IIT`s. Whereas, CBSE will publish a separate merit list comprising of All India Rank and Home State Rank based on JEE Main score basis which students can then opt for their desired engineering college viz NIT, IIIT, Central Funded Technical Institutes.This year there will be no weight-age on board marks on deciding the All India Rank in JEE Main. With just about a week left for the exam, all serious aspirants must stick to a regime so that the entire year`s effort does not go waste.Here are few tips that might help you to sail through this important phase:1. Prepare a subject-wise check list to revise or to practice2. Do not plan for anything new at the moment. However, when you revise topics try to do it from JEE Advanced perspective also, which will help you later during JEE Advanced preparation3. If you have not been able to revise Class 11 syllabus between November 2016 and January 2017, then you must devote one or two days to do a quick revision of Class 11 syllabus as almost 40-45 per cent questions will be asked from that portion. Revisit your revision notes for a quick recapitulation of concepts, formulae, fact based information and definition etc4. In JEE Main few questions could be asked which might be related to practical. Students who have done practical in school will be able to answer. Hence, refer to lab manual or practical notebook to refresh your memory5. Attempt a full length test paper every alternate day i.e. a minimum of 2-3 question paper before JEE Main. Make sure you analyse your attempts, the hits and the misses and the reason for the misses. If you are writing paper based JEE Main then attempt paper based test and if you are going to appear in online form then your practice must be in online form. Those of you who will be appearing JEE Main in online form, do make sure you solve April 2 offline6. If there are any particular type of numerical question(s) on topics which you had faced difficulty before, then try solving few representative questions just to renew your confidence. If you are still having difficulty now, simply move on. Do not get upset about it7. Last 48 hours before JEE Main must be kept as light as possible8. Sleep well and devote six to seven hours of sleep daily. Avoid late night studies. Keep a watch on your diet and have your food on time9. Engage in light free hand exercise and relax for some time10. Try to recollect your past achievements in various competitions. That will give you lot of confidence and boost your self esteem11. Get your exam kit ready well in advance viz JEE Main admit card, Aadhar card etc.. Though nothing else is allowed to be taken inside your examination hall this year, one can take pen, pencil and eraser etc in his bag which will be kept away from the candidate. Also, check the list of items that you are not allowed to carry to examination hall so that it does not get confiscated at the exam centre

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