how to prepare for jee advanced in 1 mont

how to prepare for jee advanced in 1 mont


3 Answers

Sunil Raikwar
askIITians Faculty 45 Points
8 years ago
Try to solve all the previous papers of IITJEE, clear your all the doubt related to these papers.

Thanks & Regards
Sunil Raikwar
askIITians Faculty
karuna Yadav
14 Points
8 years ago
What is the use of solving previous years..? As every year unique questions are asked..!! shouldnot we concentrate more on theory than wasting tym on previous years..?
Kehav Chandak
18 Points
8 years ago
Theory can be best cleared by solving questions i.e preious year questions ...and by solving it you can get an idea of what type of questions are generally asked in IIt . And Even if the questions are diff. but pattern remains the same.

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