how to get 100+ marks in mathsand physics in jee main

how to get 100+ marks in mathsand physics in jee main 


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Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
@ saiteja 
getting 100 + requires your effort and obviously completely depend upon your hardwork . 
planned up yourself with proper strategy and time table and prepare accordingly . 
and when u are preparing ,m donot forget to judge your performance and take mock test regularly with proper feedback and monitoring system . 
join askiitian self study package . and with that u can clear all your doubts alongwityh guidance from top notch faculty from iit. 
and also it have lot of other stuff . and donot neglect your ncert textbook , they are vital . 
and if u are in any coaching institute , then read their notes , otherwise if not , take appropriate ref books . 
Piyush Kumar Behera
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6 years ago
See your concept should be as clear as you can make it ,Never jump the basics and try to improve thinking ability and problem solving skills,that can be achieved by clearing your doubts where you have.

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