helo, I want to know about scoring topics in jeemains

helo, I want to know about scoring topics in jeemains


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Arjun Mishra
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5 years ago
U will solve at least 4questions from each part I. e phy, Chen, maths then u will solved other questions 
Amaan Hamdule
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5 years ago
In mathematics calculus and coordinate geometry contribute to 35 % of TOTAL also 3d geometry and vector algebra has a good weightage .In all it will contribute to about 14 ques of jee maths
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5 years ago

I am listing the topics here which i think , are important for jee mains. Since , time is less , so , i would suggest you to just revise formulae and important numericals in this chapter  and take a look of previous years papers.I have marked the name of topics in bold letters and also listed some sub-topics that i think , is very important.

You can easily score 120 if you have gone once through at least all the N.C.E.R.T. textbooks for physics ,chemistry and mathematics and also solved the previous year papers for jee mains and advanced .

But, to ensure that you score 120 or more in jee mains, you have to put on more hard work . let me explain this subject wise -

    • CHEMISTRY- Let's start with chemistry, which(according to me) is the easiest section in jee mains paper.One can easily score above 60 out of 120 in this section if they have gone once through the theory and also practiced it at least once and prev. year papers. Organic and physical portion is more scoring according to me . the important topics for organic portion are
      • ORGANIC- G.O.C.(general organic chemistry) which includes basic concepts of reaction mechanism , some important terms related to organic chemistry etc.,ISOMERISM and it's types especially optical isomerism, chirality of molecule without having chiral center etc., ALDEHYDE, KETONES AND CARBOXYLIC ACID, HYDROCARBONS , BIOMOLECULES, POLYMERS.  
      •   For INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, You have to focus on CHEMICAL BONDING,p, d &f block elements especially on trends in variation of atomic radii, ionic radii, enthalpy of hydration etc. ,periodicity , co-ordination compounds( focus on isomerism part of it)lastly Metallurgy  (according to me).  
      • For PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, You may focus on topics such as THERMODYNAMICS, ELECTROCHEMISTRY, CHEMICAL & IONIC EQUILIBRIUM ,CHEMICAL KINETICS(calculation is very easy here , but focus on reaction mechanism part and its calculation) & lastly  SOLUTIONS( practice numericals related to raoult's law , henry's law , osmosis, and clear theories related to ideal and non - ideal solutions).Also , take a look at the formulae from chapter solid state. Other topics are important too but from these topics listed above , questions are frequently asked.
    • PHYSICS- This is relatively tougher section in jee mains.Jee mains Physics requires practice with speed . You can easily score above 40-50 out of 120 if you can command some topics which i am going to list here. some of the chapters are                                                                                       
      • MECHANICS- In mechanics portion , you can focus on rotational dynamics(concepts of toppling and equlibrium is important) , newton's laws(friction is more important),work, power and energy,fluid mechanics(viscosity part is important), elasticity. if you prepare these chapters then you can score more .they have asked frequently the questions related to these topics. So, go through it.
      • WAVES AND THERMODYNAMICS-WAVES portion is easy but you have to focus on standing waves and different methods of measuring velocity of sound .In THERMODYNAMICS , you should focus on determining heat capacities of gases , finding work done by gas after going through a process, KTG etc. This will be sufficient .
      • ELECTROSTATICS-In this portion , you have to focus oncapacitors(focus on finding the resultant capacitance , force on dielectric,capacitance of sphere , cylinder etc.) , potentials and some results of gauss' law( especially study about why charge on conductor  comes on its surface, electrostatic shielding etc.).Also , in Current electricity, finding equivalent resistance , rc circuit equations lc circuit
      • MAGNETISM AND ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION AND ALTERNATING CURRENT-Here, in magnetism part , focus  on forces between two parallel wires carrying current  at a distance , ampere's law applications  etc. In EMI, focus on problems related to solenoid , toroid, mutal inductance , faraday's  law .Alternating current is also important .In this topic , focus on Lcr circuit for ac current.
      • ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES AND OPTICS- In optics , learn about telescopes and solve the numericals. Also, solve numericals related to YDSE and diffraction in detail.Go through the Chapter Em waves  once and remember the wavelength range for different em waves.
      • MODERN PHYSICS- This is the most scoring part  if you have gone even once through it.Revise the formulae once .
    • MATHEMATICS- This , i think , is average section in the paper .But, even in this section , you can score above 50-60 out of 120 if you prepare the following-
      • CALCULUS- This is the most important portion . If you prepare calculus well , then your score will get very much boosted . Some of the important topics are Application of derivatives(finding tangents and normals are important) , definite integrals( especially using the properties of definite integrals ),Integration by parts, Areas. Try to prepare these topics well.
      • ALGEBRA- Some important topics of this section are SEQUENCE AND SERIES,probability (concept related to bayes theorem is important), permutations and combinations , matrices (addition and multiplication properties are important), determinant and it's properties, complex numbers( learn about conjugate, modulus and it's properties, euler theorem is also important), quadratic equation(knowledge of sum and product of roots will be sufficient).
      • CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY- Memorize formulae  and get comfortable with parametric equations of curves.
      • TRIGONOMETRY-Some important topics in trigonometry are  solution of triangles, trigonometric equation( clear concepts related to principal solution and general solution).

                                                                                                                                           All the best for JEE mains and advanced . I hope this will be useful.                 

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