Sir what are the important topics for ISEET . please tell me

Sir what are the important topics for ISEET . please tell me


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Aman Bansal
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11 years ago

Dear Arjun,

you will have to take care of three things

  • 12 Board exams
  • ISEET Main exam - comprehension, critical thinking and logical reasoning
  • ISEET Advanced - problem solving with Science and Maths

Coming to your question, it is not yet completely known what kind of questions will be asked in ISEET Main exam. But let me explain in general what comprehension, critical thinking and logical reasoning mean.


In comprehension, a passage of text is given followed by some questions related to the passage. These questions test your understanding of the passage. This understanding comes from the interaction between the words and how you can ingest these words.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the process of thinking whether a claim is true, false; sometimes true, or partly true. This is achieved by

  • understanding the logical connections between given things
  • identifying and evaluating arguments
  • detecting inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning
  • solving problems systematically

Logical Reasoning

There are three kinds of logical reasoning -

  • Deduction
  • Induction
  • Abduction

Heres an example -

Tanmay is older than Esha. Sawan is older than Tnmay. Esha is older than Sawan. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

A. true B. false C. uncertain

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Aman Bansal

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