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less time for exam so what to prepare (all three subjects maths, physics, chemistry)

less time for exam so what to prepare (all three subjects maths, physics, chemistry)


Grade:12th Pass

3 Answers

Abhishek Choudhary
17 Points
9 years ago

Practically speaking everything is equally important but still if you have just started preparing for exam u may specially want to emphasise on the following topics,

Maths- Coordinate ,Calculus and complex.

Physics- the electric and magnetic part is important ,kinematics(easy and scoring) and laws of motion are important chapters.

Chemistry- Organic,numerical part of physical,p-d blocks in inorganic are really important and should be studied deeply!!!!!!!

All the Best!!!! 

Rahul Kumar
131 Points
9 years ago

Hi Rajendar

PLease focus more on high weitage topics.

And aldo try to clear all your doubts and try to gain some speed to solve the questions


Vinayak Gupta
56 Points
9 years ago

start solving questions and prepare difficult topics alongside them as they will give you a general idea of where you stand and also they will help you understand the topics you dont understand by referring to their solutions.


kindly approve the reply if helpful.

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