what are most scoring topics for iit in all subjects

what are most scoring topics for iit in all subjects


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Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago

Dear Pulipaka Subbu,

You cannot really say that a particular topic is important in IIT-JEE but here i am giving you some topics from Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics that are a little more scoring than the rest of the topics !!!


1.Modern Physics(X-Rays,Photoelectric Effect,Atomic Physics)


3.Mechanics(Rotational Motion-More important)

4.Work,Power & Energy

5.Reflection & Refraction of Light(Optics-V.important)


Chemistry :

1.Atomic Structure

2.Properties of elements in the Periodic Table

3.Chemical Energetics

4.Rates of Chemical Reactions(Chemiical Kinetics)

5.Chemical Bonding(V.Important)

6.D & F block elements(Remember the reactions)

7.Co-ordination Chemistry

8.Organic Chemistry(Full-Highly Scoring)

9.Solutions & Thermodynamics(Scoring)


Mathematics :

1.Complex Numbers(Easy & Scoring)

2.3D Geometry(V.Easy & Highly Scoring)



5.Circle,Parabola,Straight lines(Simple & Scoring)

6.Definite Integration(V.Easy & Scoring)



Hope this helped you dear....


                            Best Of Luck.........


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Chilukuri Sai Kartik
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12 years ago

Dear Subbu,

In Physics:Mechanics,Electrostatics,Modern Physics

Maths: Algebra,Calculus,Trigonometry

Chemistry:OrgaNIC and Physical.

These are the most scoring topics in JEE.

Of course that doesnt mean others are not scoring. But these are the topics which are easy to understand and simultaneously yield more marks than other topics.


All the Best.


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