which are the main topics for iit?????and how to prepare them easily??

which are the main topics for iit?????and how to prepare them easily??


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Vaibhav Jindal (Meet the Champ)
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11 years ago

Dear Navi jain

You cannot really say that a particular topic is important in IIT-JEE but here i am giving you some topics from Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics that are a little more scoring than the rest of the topics !!!


1.Modern Physics(X-Rays,Photoelectric Effect,Atomic Physics)


3.Mechanics(Rotational Motion-More important)

4.Work,Power & Energy

5.Reflection & Refraction of Light(Optics-V.important)


Chemistry :

1.Atomic Structure

2.Properties of elements in the Periodic Table

3.Chemical Energetics

4.Rates of Chemical Reactions(Chemiical Kinetics)

5.Chemical Bonding(V.Important)

6.D & F block elements(Remember the reactions)

7.Co-ordination Chemistry

8.Organic Chemistry(Full-Highly Scoring)

9.Solutions & Thermodynamics(Scoring)


Mathematics :

1.Complex Numbers(Easy & Scoring)

2.3D Geometry(V.Easy & Highly Scoring)



5.Circle,Parabola,Straight lines(Simple & Scoring)

6.Definite Integration(V.Easy & Scoring)


Best of luckSmile

Hope this has helped you !!!!!

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11 years ago

There are no main topics for iit.

Whoever tells that has insufficient information


take outr past 15 years questions n u will find there are some topics hardly asked in consecutive 2-3 yrs but suddenly in 4th yr it has majority of questions


If u think jee so easy as to prepare for selected chapters n get into it then i should say u r absolutely wrong


Acc. to me prepare every chapter. If u hav less time seolve fewer questions but concept should be crystal clear


If u hav doubts regarding anything u can post here we r ready to help u..


Post ur doubts regarding what problems u hav in which subject i will surely help u..


BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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11 years ago

There are no main topics.But your focus should be on preparing topics as well as possible.Practice a lot.Identify your areas of weakness and strength.Try to improve in your  weak areas

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