can i know in which chapters we can score maxium????????

can i know in which chapters we can score maxium????????


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14 years ago



I think it depends, varies from person to person.

Personally, these are what I think are the easiest but scoring topics in JEE.



Measurement. There are always 1-2 questions on least count. And it is VERY easy.

Optics. Be clear with the concepts, questions are easy

Heat and thermodynamics. Easy

Fluid dynamics, Gas laws....  easy+useful in chemistry also

Kinematics....very easy, but very few questions directly from this

Mechanics....depends, some people find it very easy, some find it tough.



Chemical equilibrium and Ionic equilibrium ...initially tough, but once you get the concept, it becomes very easy. practice reqd.

Gas laws and thermodynamics....very easy

Organic - important reaction mechanisms.

Inorganic chem.. Read NCERT book and OP Tandon thoroughly. Inorganic helps a lot in exam because you dont have to give any time to the question. Either you know the answer or you dont. So people who are strong in inorganic can save a lot of time.



CALCULUS: Limits, differential equations, differentiation. Easy topics and scoring

Integration. Is also easy after practice

Coordinate geometry. Again, practice reqd.

P&C and probability. Some people find it easy, some find it very tough. I found it easy


I hope it helps. Other pls add if I missed something :-)







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