please give maximum marking lessons in physics

please give maximum marking lessons in physics



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Ashwin Sinha
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11 years ago

Dear Kuvi,


This time XI part was more (90 /180) as compared to XII (70 /180) part. Overall the paper was easy andscoring. Electrodynamics, was the most asked about topic in physics this year. 46 mark questions wereasked in total, out of which, 21 Marks in Paper-I and 25 marks in Paper-II. EMF (14), electrostatics (14)and Alternating current (8) were most asked part from electrodynamics.Mechanics, always a popular topic with IIT-JEE, was this year also no exception, with 41 marks worthquestions asked from this topic. There was a simple comprehension type question including fluid andprojectile motion. There was a very simple question from friction and elasticity.There were no questions from centre of mass, Newton’s laws of motion, projectile and rectilinearmotion.While Heat and Thermodynamics had 19 mark scoring questions.Modern Physics had 5 questions worth 17 Marks containing simple questions on Bohr model andradioactivity.Wave optics was neglected this year but geometrical optics brings you two scoring questions worth 7marks.Overall paper was almost equally distributed among all the topics with appropriate weightage.
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