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Hakim Bohra Grade: Upto college level
        Please give me most scoring topic in Organic Chemistry? Organic chemistry is just like ghost for me. So please send me some tricks for cracking IIT JEE Organic Chemistry.
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ishan -AskiitiansExpert
8 Points

hey dude u are like me ... intresting ..

       scoring topics ..1). isomerism (10 marks  ques is sure ), sterio isomerism

2)polymers  carbohydrates and amino acid (again 10 marks  ) ..reading from ncert is enough for that.

                                in case u waana to do something more then....

3)  u have to read score  for 12 class ...hence read carefully all the mecanism which are given in d ncert

8 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


'Organic Chemistry' has the highest weightage with mean marks of 36%. Topics like 'Isomerism' and 'Name Reactions', and 'Stability of reaction intermediates' should be thoroughly covered. It is easier to remember the reactions and conversions involving aromatic compounds and a considerable percentage of questions from organic chemistry are based on this part. An understanding of directive influence of substituent groups, resonance and mechanism of reactions definitely helps in cracking the problems of organic chemistry.

Instead of mugging all the reactions , go for the mechanisms of the reaction and everytime u practice the problems start from the basic mechanism towards the final product. This will help building ur concepts and mugging wont be a requirement.

8 years ago
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