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Most scoring topics for mathematics in IIT JEE - AIEEE ?

Most scoring topics for mathematics in IIT JEE - AIEEE ?

Grade:upto college level

2 Answers

Gaurav Sharma
19 Points
12 years ago
I think Most Scoring Topics in Mathematics are VECTORS , TRIGONOMETRY , Co-ordinate geometry- Straight lines, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola | 3 D - Straight Line in space, Plane.
Prashant Sahay
19 Points
12 years ago
The following sub topics have high probability of appearing in the exam. :2D Geametry – Locus problems on circles/straight lines, 2D Geometry – conic sections:Parabola, Ellipse, 3D Geometry – Straight line in symmetric form, Vectors – vector product, Algebra – Complex Numbers:Geometry, Algebra – Binomial Theoram:Binomial coeff, Trigonometry – Properties of triangle, Trigonometry – Inverse trigonometric functions, Differential Calculus – Applications of derivatives montonicity, Integral Calculus – Differential Equations evalution

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