most scoring topic in phy,chem and math?

most scoring topic in phy,chem and math?


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Kishore IIT Bombay
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12 years ago

Dear Saurabh Kumar,

 1.The most important topics are. Maths: are calculus (differential and Integeral), Vectors, Complex numbers, co-ordinate geometry(2D+3D) Quadratic equations.

2.Coming to Physics: Optics, Modern physics, Thermodynamics, A/C circuits, Fluid mechanics, Experiments. 3.Chemistry: Solid state, chemical bonding, Aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, Alkenes, alkynes, stereo and geometrical isomerism, transition elements, coordiantion compounds, electro chemistry, kinetics and equilibrium. but I will suggest you to cover alll the topics and give more stress on above given topics.

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