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when a person is with a wrist watch is in free fall will the watch so the correct time or not

when a person is with a wrist watch is in free fall will the watch so the correct time or not


1 Answers

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3 years ago
No the watch will show correct time.Can a wristwatch give the correct time during a free fall?AnswerFollow· 1▾ Have this question too? Request Answers:Request From QuoraWe will distribute this question to writers, and notify you about new answers.Akshay DamleRequested answer from Akshay Damle.We`ll notify you when they answer.Parmarth KapoorParmarth Kapoor8 Answers in WatchesKrushna AdweKrushna Adwe, Student at BVSc (2014-present)2 Answers in Free TimeBhargav YakkaladeviPrakhar GuptaView More or SearchPromoted by Redbooth Get more done.Redbooth is an easy-to-use online task and project management software for busy teams.Sign Up2 ANSWERSRobert WrigleyRobert Wrigley, Vintage watch collector and amateur watchmaker.Answered Apr 28At the heart of a mechanical wristwatch is a “balance wheel”. The principles of a balance is based on the same principles as a Pendulum. Pendulum’s are great for timekeeping becuase of the principle of “Isocronism”. What that means is that the amount of time it takes for the pendulum to swing from one side to the other NEVER CHANGES, regardless of how far it actually swings. The time is entirely a function of the weight of the pendulum and how long the arm is. Actually, that’s not true; it’s also a function of gravity, but by and large, gravity doesn’t change from one day to the next (at least, not in a particular spot).

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