when a car travells wid a speed of 30 m/s and a person sitting inside throws a ball in forward direction wid a speed of 20m/s > then to a person on earth the velocity is 50m/s > now when a space space ship travells wid a velocity of 1x10^8 m/s and a person flashes torch in forward direction,,.. den wat shall be the velocity of light ,,for a person standing on earth ???

    when  a car  travells  wid  a  speed  of  30 m/s and  a person  sitting  inside  throws  a  ball  in  forward  direction  wid  a  speed   of  20m/s  <>  then  to  a  person  on  earth  the  velocity   is  50m/s
now  when  a  space space ship travells wid a  velocity  of  1x10^8 m/s and   a  person  flashes  torch   in  forward  direction,,..  den  wat  shall  be  the   velocity  of   light ,,for  a  person  standing  on  earth  ???


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