what is motion and measurement in detail please sir

 what is motion and measurement in detail please sir

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Whenever there is movement or change in position of an object or body we termed it as motion.

Example: Moving train, flying aeroplane, etc.

We can classify motion into various types:

1. Rectilinear Motion: When an object moves along a straight line it is called rectilinear motion. Example: person walking on a straight road.

2.Circular Motion: When the distance of the object from a fixed point remains constant, it possesses circular motion. Example: object moving around a circular well.

3.Periodic Motion: When an object moves to and fro about a point it possesses periodic motion.

Example: moving pendulum.


For unique measurement properties, scientists accepted standard units of measurement all over the world. As this unit is now known as the international system of unit i.e (S.I Units). Each different fundamental quantity has different S.I units. S.I unit of length is meter. Each meter is divided into 100 equal divisions known as centimeters(cm). Further each centimeter has 10 equal divisions known as millimeters(mm).

1 meter = 100 centimeter

1 centimeter = 10 millimeter

1 kilometer = 1000 meter

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