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Grade: 12
Please derive for the gauss law?and its application hence also derive the relation between electric dipole and magnetic dipole?
6 months ago

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Gauss Law Formula

As per the Gauss theorem, the total charge enclosed in a closed surface is proportional to the total flux enclosed by the surface. Therefore, If ϕ is total flux and ϵis electric constant, the total electric charge Q enclosed by the surface is;

ϕ ϵ0

The Gauss law formula is expressed by;

ϕ = Q/ϵ0


Q = total charge within the given surface,

ε0 = the electric constant.


The Gauss Theorem

The net flux through a closed surface is directly proportional to the net charge in the volume enclosed by the closed surface.

Φ = → E.d → A = qnet0

In simple words, the Gauss theorem relates the ‘flow’ of electric field lines (flux) to the charges within the enclosed surface. If there are no charges enclosed by a surface, then the net electric flux remains zero.

This means that the number of electric field lines entering the surface is equal to the field lines leaving the surface.

The Gauss theorem statement also gives an important corollary: 

The electric flux from any closed surface is only due to the sources (positive charges) and sinks (negative charges) of electric fields enclosed by the surface. Any charges outside the surface do not contribute to the electric flux. Also, only electric charges can act as sources or sinks of electric fields. Changing magnetic fields, for example, cannot act as sources or sinks of electric fields.

6 months ago
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