Is solar cell forward biased or reverse biased? How does it works?

Is solar cell forward biased or reverse biased? How does it works?

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Since Solar cell works like a diode in case of the junction they formed, Solar cell can produce electricity in one direction. In brief, the junction formed by contacting N-type semiconductor (generally Silicone doped with V material group) and P type semiconductor (like Silicone doped with III material group). In the case of Solar Cell, photons from the sun can make exitons pairs in the material. The incident photons will excite electrons, and leave holes in the material. The carriers (electrons and holes) can be used as electricity by preparing a proper circuit so the electron which have been exited to the conduction band, can be captured or storage to the battery.

Back to the question, when under illumination (under the sun), Photocurrent in p-n junction solar cells flows in the diode reverse bias direction. In the dark, the solar cell simply acts as a diode in forward biased. In the light, the photocurrent can be thought of as a constant current source, which is added to the i-V characteristic of the diode.

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