from where enrgy comes for gravitational foce

from where enrgy comes for gravitational foce


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Biswajit Das
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8 years ago
The general expression for gravitational potential energy arises from thelaw of gravityand is equal to the work done against gravity to bring a mass to a given point in space. Because of theinverse squarenature of the gravity force, the force approaches zero for large distances, and it makes sense to choose thezero of gravitational potential energyat an infinite distance away.As we all know gravitational force will exist till we survive, therefore this is an energy.
shubham sharda
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8 years ago
This question requires some understanding with general relativity. The main idea is that mass contracts the spacetime continum. This contraction of space-time fabric forces the surrounding bodies to move towards it.Thus the real question would be – why mass contracts spacetime.
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Kalyani Jayachandran Menon
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8 years ago
Gravity originates in anything and everything with mass.
When we talk about the gravitational force of the Earth, we mean the net effect of all parts of the earth acting together.
The net effect of all parts acting together is zero at the center of the Earth, because the gravity of the parts to the north is equally balanced by gravity of the parts to the south, etc.

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