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Explain any two applications of photoelectric cell.

Explain any two applications of photoelectric cell.


2 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
5 years ago
There is a wide range of applications  for photoelectric cell.
It is used in counters, alarms, burglurs 
In television camera.
To study the spectrum of heavy bodies
To know the opacity of the materials
In vehicles headlights etc.
jenee gabula
15 Points
2 years ago
  1. Photoelectric cells are used in obtaining electric energy from sunlight.
  2. Photoelectric cells are used in exposure meter.
# The exposure meter in used along with a camera to know the correct time of exposure for having a good picture.
  1. They are used in lux-meter. It is use to determine the intensity of light.
  2. A photoelectric cell is also used in industries to locate the flaws in the metal sheet.
  3. A photoelectric cell, whose cathode is coated with lead sulphide, is sensitive to infra-red-light. Such a photoelectric cell is used in electronic ignition circuit.
  4. They are used in robotics, wherever to direct the robots to hide from view in the dark, otherwise to follow a beacon or line.
  5. Photoelectric cells are used instead of photovoltaic cells and variable resistors.

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