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Does the black hole have a life span or it never dies? Please explain

Does the black hole have a life span or it never dies?
Please explain


2 Answers

Vasantha Kumari
askIITians Faculty 38 Points
7 years ago

A star is formed due to the fusion of hydrogen atoms and there exists a balance between the gravitational attractive force and the internal pressure developed inside the star. After sufficient accumulation of helim inside the core it shrinks under unbalanced force of gravity changed the core colour to red. This phase is called red-giant phase and is an indication of the death of the star. After over million years with compression in red-giant phase there is a massive expansion and this exploding star is a supernova explosion.

The remnants of a death of a star that collapse into an infinite point of zero volume and density is a black hole. Scientists believe that black holes may reside in the center of galaxies as not light escapes thus swallowing such a huge mass may be even million suns.

Thanks & Regards,

Vasantha Sivaraj,

askIITians faculty.

Arpit Kumar
31 Points
7 years ago
This is correct but that was not my question

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