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Grade: 9
        A resistor in a circuit dissipates energy at a
rate of 1 W. If the voltage across the resistor
is doubled, what will be the new rate of energy

please give process
6 years ago

Answers : (3)

Arpit Kumar
31 Points
							From Ohm`s law we have V=IR
This means V is directly proportional to R,hence if V is doubled R also gets doubled.This means rate of dissipation of energy also gets doubled,hence new rate=2 W
6 years ago
11 Points
							New rate won`t be =2. That would be wrong. In this case we need to use the relationship of energy, voltage and resistance which is, P=v²/RAccording to this relationship P~V² so if you double the voltage you would get (2)²=4 times the energy dissipation. :)
3 years ago
Ahmed Mabrouk
13 Points
We can’t use the rule P= VI as all of themare variables so the best rule will be P= v2/R so the right answer is 4
2 months ago
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