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Grade: 11


A calorimeter of negligible heat capacity contains 100cc of water at 40 degrees celsius.The water cools to 35 degrees celsius in 5 minutes.The water is now replaced by K-oil of equal volume at 40 degrees celsius .Find the time taken for the temperature to become 35 degree celsius under similar conditions.Specific heat capacities of water and K-oil are 4200 J/Kg-k and 2100 J/kg-k respectively. density of k-oil is 800 kg/m^3.

6 years ago

Answers : (2)

Aziz Alam
IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty
233 Points
							PLease llok into the solution
6 years ago
Archana meena
13 Points
T1÷T2 = m1s1÷m2s2 ,  ( -dT÷dt = sigma Ae∆T÷ms)
t2÷5= 800 x 2100 x V (100cc)÷ 1000 (density of water in kg /m 3) (100cc)x4200
   = 2÷5×5= 2 minutes
one year ago
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