A ball is thrown horizontally with a speed of 2p m/s from a tall tower , the tangential acceleration after 2 seconds is (take g=10 m/s2)

A ball is thrown  horizontally  with a speed of 2p m/s from a tall  tower , the  tangential  acceleration  after  2  seconds  is (take g=10 m/s2) 


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Vikas TU
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4 years ago
Here uy = 0 
t = 2 second 
ay = 10 m/s^2
vy = ?
vy = uy + at
vy = 20 m/s
so magitude of tangential acceleration is vector sum of x and y component of velocity 
so, Vt = sqrt ( 400 + 400)
Vt = 20root2 
Caution : I have considered horizontal velocity as 20 m/s

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