Wha are the nuclear forces?

Wha are the nuclear forces?

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Nuclear Forces


The strong force of attraction, which firmly hold the nucleons in the nucleus, are known as nuclear forces. Though the exact theory of nuclear forces is still to be understood completely, yet it is undoubtedly established that these forces exist between the nucleons i.e., between a neutron and a proton, between two protons and between two neutrons. The stability of nucleus is due to the presence of these forces. Nuclear forces have the following important characteristics.




1.      They are attractive i.e., nucleons exert attractive force on each other hence they are also called cohesive forces.


     2.     They are extremely strong. These forces are strongest possible force in nature. 


3.     They are charge independent


4.     They are short range forces i.e., they act only over a short range of distances.


5.     They are spin dependent i.e., nuclear forces acting between two nucleons depend on the mutual orientation of the spins of the nucleons.




6.     They are saturated.

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