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wt is the law of photochimical equivalence?,...wt are its significance

wt is the law of photochimical equivalence?,...wt are its significance


1 Answers

jitender lakhanpal
62 Points
8 years ago

hi chase

Law of Photochemical Equivalence states that there is direct and one to one relationship between he number of photons absorbed by a system and the number of excited species produced. This means that one molecule of a substance is reacted with every quantum of radiation that is being absorbed. This law is applied to the primary process of light-induced reactions. Quantum is the unit radiation which is equal to the product of Planck’s constant (h) and frequency of radiation (nu). n chemistry, the quantitative measure of substances is expressed in terms of gram moles, one gram mole comprising 6.02214179 × 10^23 (Avogadro’s number) molecules. Thus, the photochemical equivalence law is restated as: for every mole of a substance that reacts 6.02214179 × 1023 quanta of light are absorbed.

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