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Balu Murali Grade: 11

Two particles are thrown vertically upwards along the same line

with the same initial velocity u = 30 m/s, but at different times.

The second particle is thrown t seconds after the first. What should

be the minimum value of t so that the particles collide in mid-air?

Neglect air resistance. Express your answer in MKS or SI system

of units.

5 years ago

Answers : (1)

anil kumar
38 Points

I guess the question has to be Maximum time!!!! If it is maximum then ans would be 6 secs coz if after 6 secs second one is thrown the first would already complete its flight and thus there is no chance of collision if it is thrown less than 6 seconds then second one would always collide coz they r thrown in same line

5 years ago
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