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sohail saifuddin inamdar Grade: 12
        how do you calculate the velocity of an electron in GP thomson experiment.Which mass of electron do you consider as it changes with velocity and the dynamic mass cannot be calculated witout knowing the velocity

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Shine
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Thomson’s experiment.G.P. Thomson in 1928 performed experiments with thin foil of gold in place of nickel crystal. He observed that if the beam of electrons after passing through the thin foil of gold is received on the photographic plate placed perpendicular to the direction of the beam, a diffraction pattern is observed as before (Fig. 1). This again confirmed the wave nature of electrons.

The debroglie eq is to be used to calculate the velocity of electron and u donoy have to consider any dynamic masses as the theory of relativity is an entirely diff. concept and need not be used here and the mass to be used is

9.10938188 × 10-31 kilograms .



8 years ago
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