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Manish Panda Grade: 9

A pendulum of length 28cm oscillates such that its string makes an angle of 300 from the vertical when it is at one of the extreme positions. Find the ratio of the distance to displacement of the bob of the pendulum when it moves from one extreme position to other.

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ritender Singh AskiitiansExpert-IIT
14 Points

First try to find out displacement:

as the angle between from one extreme position to other extreme position is 60 degree

So, displacement = 28 cm (Calculated by geometry)

Now on distance:

 = (pie/6)*28 cm

So, Ratio = (Distance/Displacement) = (pie/6)

= 0.523 Ans

7 years ago
Prakash Kumar
24 Points
Displacement= 2*r*sintheta
Distance= pi* r*2theta/180.     Hence the ratio will be = pi* r*2theta/180 / 2*r*sintheta =22:21
one year ago
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