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kisalay kashyap Grade: 12
         Maxwell theory of electromagnetic wave says that all accelarated particle emit electromagnetic wave but in a atom all electron move around a nucleas with accelaration (v.v/R) then according to maxwell theory it also emits  electromagnetic wave result the decrease in kinetic energy of electron and once a time it fall in to the nucleas and the atom is destroyed but this is not haapen why?
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

mohit sengar
39 Points

because acc to bohr atomic model electrons do not emit energy at certain discrete levels or at certain distance from the nucleus .in an atom ,the electrons can travel only in special orbits ,at a certain discrete distances from the nucleus with specific energies. they gain or lose energy only when they jump from one orbit to another ,absorbing or emitting electromagnetic radiation.

7 years ago
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