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aditya bhardwaj Grade: 11

A boat which has a speed of 5km/hr in still water crosses a river of width 1km along the shortest possible path in 15 minutes. The velocity of the river water in km/hr is ?

7 years ago

Answers : (7)

mohit sengar
39 Points

the velocity of the river is 3 km /h

7 years ago
aditya bhardwaj
33 Points

please explain how idont want the answer but how the answer comes?

7 years ago
Fawz Naim
37 Points

let the velocity of the river be x. the velocity of the river will be in the horizontal direction

velocity of boat in still water is 5km/hr. As the width of the river is 1 km and time taken by the boat to cross the river along the shortest path is 15 min therefore the velocity of the boat is=  1*60/15= 4km/hr

 according to the figure the velocity of the river is along  AB . By applying triangle law of vector addition the value of AB comes to be 3km/hr


7 years ago
karthik s
19 Points
how the boat go in the direction CA and river in AB pls explain the direction of river and moving boat
one year ago
Himanshu Kumar
20 Points
										As the boat crosses the river it experiences two forces one horizontal direction (by the river along AX) and another by the one who rows the boat (in the vertical ditection along AB)            X                    A     ------ v=3m/s
one year ago
Preethi P Gowda
19 Points
										The width of the river=1.0kmThe boat crosses the river in 15 minutes The resultant velocity of boat =1.0km/0.25h=4km/hVelocity of river=(5²-4²)½                            =3km/h
9 months ago
Kanishka agrawal
19 Points
										Given - v=5km/hr S=1km t=15/60 hr. From second eq . Of motion 1=1/2×a×(15/60)^2a=8m/s^2From first eq . Of motion5= u+8×15/60 Hence u=3km/hr
4 months ago
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